You are theprotagonist in MC world

Decentralized Ecosystem of
EntertainmentBased on Block Chain

Prediction of global MCC ecological value growth trend in the next 3 years

Decentralized Ecosystem of Entertainment Based on BlockChain

Committed to creating a truly liberal MC world, help people to take back control. In terms of games, MC will solve the current publishing problems of games and empowering the existing game industry through assisting game developers to issue core token of games with smart contract.

GTO issue

Through accessing to MC network, entertainment enterprises and CPs (content providers) can formulate reasonable incentive and issue tokens to recognize the time and capital investments of the early adopters. Channels and high paying individuals also have the right to require CPs to constantly update traffic.

MC exchange

MC exchange is a decentralized sharing community based on the game industry. After the issuance of CPs’ token, the mining pool, trading and settlement will be implanted into the inter-game client through the MC exchange.

MC Incubator

A billion-dollar incubator. Creation is art. Art is freedom.Mainland and Cayman Islands Global Money Investment Fund.Issuing functional products through intermodal transportation.Channels for delivery of high-quality cultural and entertainment projects all around the world.

2019 important changes of game industry is coming

The first is that when the incremental dividend of mobile Internet users disappears, there will be a battle in the stock market.In the future,we may understand the characteristics of the stock market and enter each other as the ecosystem.Besides,it will be more difficult for new companies to break through in the next few years.

The second is that the requirement issuance license of games is getting strict, the renovation of old games by manufacturers,limit users and homogeneous products overflow. Nowdays, players are becoming more and more critical about the game, which results in a large number of small game studios declare bankruptcy or merger survival.

About Development

The retention of new users and rich players become the lifeline of all game products

With this situation,In order to attract new users and help small and medium game manufacturers to attract new users and Investment Magic Cube will use the Magic Cube network and MCexchange to issue and trade tokens based on its own channels, distribution resources and offline digital cryptcurrency Wallet. At the same time, the token of high-quality games will be issued on overseas GTO exchanges. Eventually, a benign ecosystem will be formed with all the games, and all participants can make profits.


always keep working

We are developing our ecology with the fastest speed in the block chain industry, breaking through ourselves step by step, changing history, and becoming great!


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Magic Cube

Token exchange based on game industry

No threshold to start trading

MC exchange ensures the security and real-time performance of token transaction, and gives users the actual use-experience by off-line token transaction to make game industry enters the 3.0 era.

  • Legal currency is allowed
  • High-quality traditional games
  • Exellent international liquidity
  • Nearly 300,000 active users
  • Top technical team
Investors believing in MC

A like-minded andexperienced team

Magic Cube's core team is composed of multi-national professionals and has a consultant team composed of top ones in the game and blockchain industry.

Rudy Rong

Asia - CEO

Zhechen Shi

Technical director

Andrew Baskt


Consultant team
Chen Tianqiao

Veteran of domestic game

Wang Feng

Former LineKong CEO

Da Hongfei

Da Uncle of Block Chain World


Questions & Answers

Here are official answers to basic questions or knowledge

What’s MC?

Decentralized Ecosystem of Entertainment Based on BlockChain,committed to creating a MC world where everyone is the protagonist.

What’s GTO?

GTO, Game Token Offering, game makers can issue their own token through the smart contract:Second Layer Protocol – Cube Kit.

Why do traditional games have GTO?

GTO can create transparent game output values for unions, agents, and large users through smart contracts. Increase the liquidity of users' virtual value through real-time transactions.

Why does MCC have value?

First, in the current stage, MCC is the only transaction object of the game GTO Token. Secondly, the platform cryptocurrency of the MC exchange has the natural platform currency attributes such as dividends, fee reduction, and voting rights. Besides, the MCC circulation will be fixed at 20 billion pieces. And never increase.

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